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Kutaykomiks's News

Posted by Kutaykomiks - 8 days ago


Here's a quick Jim Carrey post-it doodle to light up your Monday. It's not the most accurate drawing but I hope it makes you laugh or something like that! I still need to watch Ace Ventura. Would you guys enjoy more of these post-it doodles? Because I have tons! I wouldn't upload them on the art portal but include them in news posts like this.


Posted by Kutaykomiks - 2 weeks ago


"To Krazee Koutie" How cool is this? Showing off is healthy in small doses right? I'm tempted to change my name to "Koutie" now lol


Posted by Kutaykomiks - 1 month ago

I'm working on a lot of projects right now and I can't wait to share them with you! You might see me in some collabs soon if you like Donkey Kong, Ren and Stimpy and the holiday we don't celebrate in my country, Halloween! If you prefer more original work you might be excited to hear that me and @BillyRedSnake are working on the pilot for a Jimmy Laden animated series! Jimmy Laden is actually going to interview someone and there are also going to be exclusive short cartoons we will make for the show! So yeah, I'm really busy but hopefully you will like what I have in store! Bye bye!



Posted by Kutaykomiks - 1 month ago

Illwillpress replied to my comment and explained why he had to delete his old submissions. You can read it here. You can also see my reply to his reply at the bottom of the page.

I think this "drama" ends here, at least for me. I'm thankful to the people who made parody cartoons and talked about this situation because they spread the word and from what I understand all the comments were the reason Jim realized the problem. I apologize to illwillpress for being mean towards him on my cartoon, even if it was for comedic effect, and on Newgrounds. I thought he knew about the situation and was ignoring it. I'm glad to see that wasn't the case. ✌

^ I will also edit my illwillpress cartoon's description to include this text. ^


Posted by Kutaykomiks - 1 month ago

Join the Newgrounds Podcast Block Party, the best event of the year!



Posted by Kutaykomiks - 1 month ago

Hey everyone! Check out what I did for MIA 2020! It has 2D, 3D and pixel art at the same time!

It goes with this song by @Seth (which is inspired by @Bertn1991's "Purple Noon (2012)"):

Also is anyone coming to the NG Podcast Party? They said there will be games and movies which sounds pretty fun so I'll probably be there!


Posted by Kutaykomiks - 1 month ago

I just got back from playing de Blob 2 on PS3 and I see this.


I guessed that the movie could maybe pass one of Foamy's uploads, I was actually thinking of stuff to write the whole day. But I didn't know it was gonna get daily first. I know this isn't really a huge personal accomplishment, my cartoon isn't well-made and the reason lots of people watched it is because it talks about something a lot of people were thinking about. This was a cartoon I made between projects because I didn't want my future cartoons getting gangbanged by Foamy reuploads, and I know lots of people think the same. I guess the message is more important than the animation quality in this situation. I tried to make the video more humorous by adding some inside jokes in the video that only a handful of people will get. I advise people to make their own cartoons about this situation if they have the time so more people know about it. Hope this gets resolved soon.

Much thanks to everyone that helped this cartoon get a daily first, this is insanely funny.


Posted by Kutaykomiks - August 15th, 2020

Here's my Clock Day cartoon:

Also @Little-Rena made a Clocks of the BBS collab and my submission is there too!

Don't forget to check out the other Clock Day submissions in the Clock Day 2020 collection!

Happy Clock Day and vote 5!



Posted by Kutaykomiks - August 12th, 2020



Posted by Kutaykomiks - July 12th, 2020

So, if you are living in the USA right now you might know that, famous rapper and Super-Man enthusiast Kanye West is running for president. But what you might not know is that this was already revealed in one of my cartoons through symbolism and smart-assery.


"I told you so!" -Jimmy Laden

@BillyRedSnake, the voice of Jimmy Laden begged me to change the script, he thought I was insane and stupid and he also said dirty things about my mother.iu_142575_7879707.jpg

Fans of Jimmy Laden often asked me, "What's up with the German Shepherd and Super-Man?" I can't say anything just yet.. You'll have to wait and see just like you did with Kanye West.. Wait for "Jimmy Laden told you so" part 2 and 3..