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This is great! Added more to a great video and song.

Great work, I really like the visuals

Everything is brilliant!

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Great game with good music and a good art style. Played it all in one sitting and it was very fun. My only complaints are the character turns around slow and I finished the game but didn't get the new hat that was written in the credits. Maybe I'm missing something about the hat, if so please tell me! :)

Edit: Awesome, five stars! The character feels like he is turning faster and I got the hat!
I forgot to add something in my original comment, I sometimes got stuck on certain objects, I couldn't move left or right but I could escape by jumping.

milkbarjack responds:

updated the game about an hour ago -- you should be able to turn around faster and you should be able to unlock the hat now.

Awesome game with hard bosses. Stage 2 was a bit unfair in my opinion near the end, with random bats. Also I encountered a bug in stage 2, I went off screen and couldn't get back. So I had to restart the game. It wasn't that big of a problem though.

Chdonga responds:

Thanks for the review. The out of bounds bug seems to be something a lot of people are running into. Glad that it's not too big of a problem at least. I'll still look into fixing it though

The characters and music are just great, I'm glad you uploaded the songs on NG. My only complaint is that the difficulty ramps up too quickly. But I first played this game on itch.io and it was much harder then, right? Other than that, this game is amazing.

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Nice try, I'm not scared!
Decent loop, a bit simplistic.

BillyRedSnake responds:

Well thank you, I appreciate it.
You don't need to lie though, we all know you're absolutely terrified.

So much yes! If you're still sooo embarrassed, wear a diaper like I do. I give this skit 3 Big Chungus out of 3 Big Blungus.

VoicesByCorey responds:

We all know that the Big Chungus rating is the only one that matters! Glad to know there’s a fellow pant shitter out there! Stand strong Kutay! :D

Watching this live was so fun, especially the rap battles! Also I got super excited when you guys talked about my Clock Day submission. The Strawberry Clock cameo was pretty unexpected as well. One of my favorite episodes so far!

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This is amazing. Such a creative take on the profile picture and it looks beautiful.

Potatoman responds:

I knoww, his stuff is super cool, so i cant take credit there

Masterful work

Happy valentine's day sweetheart!

FriedVinyls responds:

I love you so much babe!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love independent art, Newgrounds, highbrow humor, picking my nose, originality and funny stuff.

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