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Really funny and well made cartoon!

Ha! That was brilliant, I also love the sound design.

TheMurphness responds:

Thank you! I'm pretty happy with how that aspect turned out!

I actually thought to myself "it would be great if the Zelda CDi cutscenes were reanimated". I think I remember seeing one of these scenes before. This collab was full of incredible and inspiring animation. But it would be much better without the lame dabbing scenes.

siahri responds:

Some of the scenes were made in 2019, so it kinda made sense to include dabbing, I don't know.

Even then, thank you!

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I haven't unlocked everything and played every game yet but this game is awesome, feels like I'm in a Newgrounds theme park. Fun arcade games and cool looking achievements to showcase in your profile. It's also fun to make the plushies fight! My only complaint is that the claw machine is a bit slow but maybe it's slow so that the plushies don't clip through it so easily?

larrynachos responds:

thank you so much for the kind words! Yes, the claw is slow to prevent clipping. And yeah I love smacking the plusses around. I need to think of more things to spend coming on though. Thanks again for the review!

Yeah just as I suspected, I used X-Ray cheats and you actually drew a micropenis under his briefs. Pretty disrespectful.

Jokes aside, this was a fun dress up game with some great choices for clothes. I would suggest adding a button that saves your Tom automatically instead of screenshotting it, since the face board can't be moved from the background and it can be seen in the screenshot. And more clothes!

Pretty simple but funny game. But I couldn't understand how you get the character's health below zero. I tried many different combinations too.

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Watching this live was so fun, especially the rap battles! Also I got super excited when you guys talked about my Clock Day submission. The Strawberry Clock cameo was pretty unexpected as well. One of my favorite episodes so far!

This was very fun to listen to, I found your thoughts on jealousy and the frontpage very helpful, also thanks for replying seriously to my shitpost question!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Thanks for shitposting! The questions are what really made this episode so fun.

I'm catching up to your podcast and it's a very fun listen! Very entertaining for the days I'm home all day.

DomAndFroShow responds:

Thank you for doing that. I hope you find that the episodes get slightly better in terms of audio as we go throughout the season. Around Episode 5 there should be a more obvious change in quality. I hope they get you through some boring times!

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I envy this man because I haven't been able to see my penis in years.

I saw you making this on stream. Beautiful

Another thumbnail I looked at and said "This is a masterpiece". The faces are awesome and it has a claymation feel to it.

I love independent art, Newgrounds, originality and funny stuff.

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